Vocab Unit 9 Flashcards

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auxiliary (adj.)giving assistance or support
auxiliary (n.)a helper, aid
candidfrank, sincere, impartial
cubiclea small room or compartment
drudgerywork that is hard and tiresome
envoya representative or messenger (as of government)
escalate1. to elevate; 2. to increase in intensity
expedient (n.)a means to an end, device, contrivance
expedient (adj.)advantageous, useful
feignto pretend
flair1. a natural quality, talent, skill; 2. a distinctive style
grievous1. causing sorrow or pain; 2. serious
heterogeneouscomposed of different kinds, diverse
horde1. a vast number (as of people) 2. a throng
impelto force, drive forward
incredulousdisbelieving, skeptical
inscribe1. to write or engrave; 2. to enter a name on a list
monologue1. a speech by one actor; 2. a long talk by one person
prognosisa forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation
rasping (adj.)with a harsh, grating sound
rasping (n.)a harsh sound
repugnantoffensive, disagreeable, distasteful
scuttle (v.)1. to sink a ship by cutting holes in it; 2. to get rid of something in a decisive way; 3. to run hastily, scurry
scuttle (n.)a pail