Vocab Unit 9 Matching


Find the correct word for each definition.

giving assistance or support
a helper, aid
frank, sincere, impartial
a small room or compartment
work that is hard and tiresome
a representative or messenger (as of government)
1. to elevate; 2. to increase in intensity
a means to an end, device, contrivance
advantageous, useful
to pretend
1. a natural quality, talent, skill; 2. a distinctive style
1. causing sorrow or pain; 2. serious
composed of different kinds, diverse
1. a vast number (as of people) 2. a throng
to force, drive forward
disbelieving, skeptical
1. to write or engrave; 2. to enter a name on a list
1. a speech by one actor; 2. a long talk by one person
a forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation
with a harsh, grating sound
a harsh sound
offensive, disagreeable, distasteful
1. to sink a ship by cutting holes in it; 2. to get rid of something in a decisive way; 3. to run hastily, scurry
a pail