Vocab Unit 10 Flashcards

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thoroughly skilledadept (adj.)
an expertadept (n.)
to have ambitious hopes or plans, strive toward a higher goal, desire earnestly, to ascendaspire
bare, dreary, dismalbleak
to blame, scoldchide
worthy of scorn, contemptibledespicable
small, smaller than most other of the same typediminutive
1. to free from slavery; 2. to release or liberateemancipate
incorrect, containing mistakeserroneous
1. to make use of, develop; 2. to make improper use of for personal profitexploit (v.)
a feat, deedexploit (n.)
made or delivered on the spur of the momentextemporaneous
to make imperfect, damage, harmimpair
not able to be defeated, unbeatableinvincible
drooping, without energy, sluggishlanguid
mud, wet, swampy ground, a tough situationmire (n.)
to get stuckmire (v.)
forward, undesirably prominent, thrust outobtrusive
an introduction to a speech or piece of writingpreamble
1. to cause to become; 2. to perform; 3. to deliver officially; 4. to process, extractrender
1. rough, irregular; 2. severe, stern, strong; 3. stormyrugged
1. inclined to doubt; 2. slow to accept something as trueskeptical
untidy in dress, personal habitsslipshod