Vocab Unit 11 Matching


Find the correct word for each definition.

1. to conduct or bear oneself, behave; 2. to be in agreement
expressing much in a few words
sober or serious in manner, modest
1. a lessening in value; 2. a belittling
1. to lower in quality or value; 2. to wear away
to tell, reveal, to make public
1. free from ignorance and false ideas; 2. possessing sound understanding
to prevent by acting first
to distort in such a way as to make unintelligible
1. one who puts forward a proposal; 2. one who supports a cause or belief
to shake, tremble, to trill
to spring back, shrink
the act of springing back
to make up for, regain
an unpleasant smell
to give off unpleasant smells, to give a strong impression
unyielding, harsh, without pity
a small stream
to spend foolishly, waste
detached or disconnected in sound or style
a law