Vocab Unit 12 Flashcards

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sufficient to be noticed or measuredappreciable
absolute in power or authorityautocratic
1. to remove the color from; 2. to make or turn pale; 3. to parboilblanch
an act, utterance, or writing showing contempt for something sacredblasphemy
strong, muscularbrawny
planned or performed in cooperation with othersconcerted
to fight, struggle, compete, arguecontend
kind, mercifulhumane
very famous, distinguished, eminentillustrious
not easy, requiring hard work, hardworkinglaborious
bending easily, limberlithe
to abuse, use roughly or crudelymaltreat
consider carefully, reflect onponder
intended to undermine or overthrowsubversive (adj.)
one who advocates or attempts to undermine a political systemsubversive (n.)
made or put together by people; artificialsynthetic (adj.)
something artificialsynthetic (n.)
mild, moderatetemperate
poisonous, spiteful, meanvenomous
sly, shrewd, cunningwily