Vocab Unit 14 Flashcards

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to add to, attach, to incorporateannex (v.)
an attachment or additionannex (n.)
to cut or split open; to cling tocleave
in a friendly manner, hearty, cheerycordial (adj.)
a liqueurcordial (n.)
1. the starting point of a building; 2. a fundamental principle or elementcornerstone
an overwhelming defeat, rout; a complete collapse or failuredebacle
to make weak or lifelessdevitalize
1. to involve in a conflict or difficulty; 2. to throw into confusionembroil
to clear from charge or accusationexonerate
ready and fluent in speech; thoughtless, insincereglib
by chance, not planned; lacking orderhaphazard
1. to compose or perform without preparation; 2. to construct from available materialsimprovise
to rouse, stir up, urge onincite
a coming in, inflowinflux
an extreme or unnatural palenesspallor
1. a list of ancestors, family tree; 2. the history or origins of somethingpedigree
very steepprecipitous
very abundant; given or flowing freelyprofuse
1. to restore to friendship; 2. to settle; 3. to resignreconcile
to put into chainsshackle (v.)
a chain, fettershackle (n.)
shabby, old and wornthreadbare